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About the Council

Melton Borough Council was formed in 1974 from the Melton Mowbray Urban District and the Melton and Belvoir Rural District. 

Melton Borough Council is one of seven district councils within Leicestershire, and operates a Cabinet system of governance. The current cabinet comprises of the Leader and 4 Portfolio Holders.

Information of the current Cabinet can be found here.

You can view the wider democratic structure of the council here

The Council is made up of three directorates:

The Chief Executive has overall responsibility for these services. 

The total number of people employed by the Council is equivalent to around 170 full time posts.  In addition to this we also manage services which are contracted out and shared which include waste and recycling, leisure centres, housing repairs, ICT and audit.  

There are 28 Councillors:

  • 20 Conservative
  • 6 Opposition Group
  • 2 non-aligned

The current Leader of the Council is Cllr Joe Orson, who  has been in office since 2017.

The Corporate Strategy

We are ambitious for Melton's future. We want to significantly invest in our housing services, environmental enforcement, improving customer services and delivering the homes, jobs and infrastructure the Borough of Melton needs.  The Corporate Strategy sets out our priorities for 2020-2024,

Helping People  Priorities:

  • Excellent Services positively impacting on our communities.
  • Providing high quality council homes and landlord services.

Shaping Places Priorities:

  • Delivering sustainable and inclusive growth in Melton.
  • Protect our climate and enhance our rural natural environment.

Great Council Priorities:

  • Ensuring the right conditions to support delivery (inward).
  • Connected with and led by our community (outward).

Find out more about our Corporate Strategy here and watch our video: